lasse Linder – film director
Switzerland –
Lasse Linder
Film Director
sunsets don't matter
short film
72 year old Buppah lives behind closed blinds in Florida. Even after 54 years in America, the scars of her harsh upbringing on the streets of Bangkok have not healed. When Buppah is diagnosed with Parkinson, she suddenly finds herself lost in the exhausting cycle of medication. Her «sunshine state» retirement is now turning into a chronic depression while her Buddhist faith is letting her believe that she is paying for the sins of her past life.

Directors: Alexandra Rüegg & Lasse Linder
Production company: Dynamic Frame
Producers: Philipp Ritler & Jonas Ulrich
Co-Production company: Florence
Co-Producers: Natasha Seubert & Jerad Anderson
Cinematographer: Xenia Patricia Günther
Editor: Tania Stöcklin
Supported by: Amt für Kultur St.Gallen, Rheintaler Kulturstiftung